Episode 51

Management Takeaways from My Trip to the Masters and Sales Leadership Sin #4

This fun episode combines management takeaways from Mike’s first visit to Augusta National and the continuation of the current series covering sales leadership sins that damage culture and diminish results.

Mike happily declares that the Masters lived up to all the hype and he shares a few observations processed through a sales and sales management lens…

  • Overdeliver. Go the extra mile and give customers/prospects/patrons more than they expect
  • Professionals prepare and practice – like professionals
  • Don’t count out the old guy as a worthy competitor
  • Winners don’t whine about circumstances or the “luck of the draw”
  • EQ and likability matter

While tackling Common Sales Leadership Sin #4 (Lack of Accountability), sales managers are reminded in a not-so-subtle fashion that their single most important job is ensuring that their people do their jobs!  Mike unpacks a handful of reasons that managers struggle to hold sellers accountable and goes further declaring that ignoring underperformance is akin to sales management malpractice.

Resources to help upgrade accountability mentioned in this episode:

  1. Download the free guide, “The Fastest Way to Increase Accountability, Reduce Complacency, and Create a High-Performance Culture” from mikeweinberg.com and link to a 15-minute video from that free PDF
  2. Read Chapter 20 in Sales Management. Simplified. (buy on Amazon here)
  3. Listen to Episode 9  

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