Episode 52

Leading Through Turbulent Times + Mastering Social and Enterprise Selling

with Special Guest

Carson Heady

In Episode 52 Mike takes a break from the current series on sales leadership sins to host fellow St. Louisan and sales rockstar, Carson Heady. Carson is a managing director in Microsoft’s US Health Solutions business and was a highly decorated, multi-year award winning salesperson and Microsoft’s Social Selling Lead prior to taking on his current leadership assignment. 

Carson self-describes as perpetual optimist, resourceful problem eliminator and an outcome driver! He’s also a podcast host and author of two Amazon bestsellers, Birth of Salesman and Salesman on Fire.

Mike invited him on the show after an enlightening lunch conversation where Carson shared what it’s been like leading his team through recent turbulent times in the world of tech. Enjoy this wide-ranging conversation that pivots from leading through uncertainty and “controlling what you can control” to mastering social selling. And prepare for your mouth to drop when Carson shares how many different contacts he engaged enroute to closing the biggest enterprise deal of his career.

Carson Heady on Linkedin

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