Episode 53

The Dangers and Damage from Desk Jockey “Leadership” and Not Coaching Salespeople

In Episode 53 Mike resumes the series on Common Sales Leadership Sins by tackling two biggies:

1. Desk (and CRM/screen) Jockey Sales Management

2. Not coaching and mentoring salespeople

Prepare to be challenged about your priorities as Mike asks you to open your calendars for a time (and gut) check on whether there is enough evidence to convict you of being a people-development-focused sales leader.  

Too many frontline sales leaders are cheating themselves of what should be one of the most satisfying and results-driving parts of their job — helping their people get better  at doing their own jobs! Buckle up for a dose of blunt sales management truth that you cannot effectively lead a team staring at analytics, dashboards, or CRM screens. Salespeople win by connecting with other humans. What makes us think we can lead and develop them with our heads buried in data or via email?

From the Heart: After concluding the episode Mike took a few minutes to share personally about two losses he just experienced with the passing of his step grandmother and a meaningful spiritual influence in his life, Tim Keller.

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