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Episode 55

Collaborators or Sales Killers? Why It’s Insanity to Expect Salespeople to Do All Things Well

Continuing this series tackling common sales leadership sins, Mike challenges us to pull back the covers and take a hard look at ALL the things we are asking our salespeople to do. He also makes the strong case that it’s really hard to win big in sales management when you have the wrong people in the wrong roles.

Beware: Mike does not hold back putting HR people and executives on the stand asking difficult questions about their flowery, feel-good job descriptions and what feels like an insatiable desire to put kind, gentle, collaborative team-players in sales roles… Even sales roles that require developing significant new business…Roles where just about every highly successful top producing seller exhibits these two characteristics:

1.     They Are Intensely Competitive

2.     They Are Not Conflict Averse (they don’t shy away from a fight)

Take a listen as Mike debunks the myth of the highly relational, collaborative sales superstar, makes the case that SALES MANAGERS’ LIVES AND JOBS WILL BE MUCH EASIER WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE ON THEIR TEAMS, and challenges us to consider whether we are overloading our salespeople with so many tasks and responsibilities that we are actually hindering their ability to sell and bring in the new business we need!

 Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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