Episode 56

Devastating Damage from Anti-Sales Cultures & Leaders with FOMO Always Searching for the Secret Sauce

As we near the conclusion of this series covering common sales leadership sins, Mike tackles two biggies in Episode 56:  Anti-Sales Cultures and Searching for the Secret Sauce.

Years ago, Mike asked the CEO of the company with the healthiest sales culture he’d ever observed for his secret. This CEO replied, “Everything flows from culture” and went on to declare that their sales culture was, in fact, the company’s secret sauce.

In this episode Mike reminds listeners that culture, particularly sales culture, can be an unstoppable force (either for good or for bad!). He describes what it was like working in two incredibly healthy, positive, pro-sales cultures, and he also shares horror stories from two of the worst anti-sales cultures he’s come across – one where he worked and one where he consulted. Buckle up as Mike reads the no-holds-barred letter he sent to an executive team calling out their disdain for the sales organization and the inappropriate ways they blamed salespeople when things went wrong and categorically denied them credit when things were good.

Mike also tackles how too many sales leaders live with constant FOMO, fearful that they’re missing out on some new secret sauce, shortcut, or hack for driving more sales and offers a not-so-subtle reminder that he’s never seen a sales leader or sales team struggle or fail because they didn’t have the latest and greatest cool, new tool.

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