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Episode 60

The Massive Transition from Salesperson to Sales Manager Poses Similar Challenges to What Selling-Sales Leaders Face Every Day

While preparing to kick off a new engagement to help selling-sales leaders (player/coaches who are both producers and team leaders) increase sales management effectiveness, it hit Mike that the challenges these leaders face on a daily basis are almost identical to what new managers face when transitioning from individual contributor roles into team leaders.

In this episode, Mike unpacks three big adjustments that first-time managers must successfully navigate…

  1. Shifting from being “responsible for one to being responsible for many”
  2. Learning to “win through others vs. winning on your own”
  3. Moving from a “selfish/individual mentality to a selfless/leader mindset”

…and how those who are charged with driving both their own production/sales numbers AND leading the team must learn how to artfully bounce back and forth between these two very different (and sometimes competing) responsibilities.

Mike also offers an enormous THANK YOU to podcast listeners for helping to make the launch of his new book, The First-Time Manager: Sales, even more successful than he even dared hope as it achieved Amazon #1 Best Seller status in three categories!


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