Episode 61

How Sales Managers Can Help Salespeople Conduct Significantly More Effective Sales Calls

Isn’t conducting professional, effective sales calls one of the main responsibilities of a being a salesperson? After all, the word sales is in the job title. If there’s one thing a “salesperson” should be able to do well, it’s to conduct a sales call! Therefore, isn’t it then incumbent upon sales managers to ensure that their people are indeed proficient at this essential skill?

In Episode 61 Mike shares the most prevalent sins he regularly sees salespeople committing – whether it’s the “show up and throw up / spray and pray” approach entering the meeting in pitch mode, talking first, talking too much, not sharing an agenda and getting the customer’s buy-in, weak probing and discovery, or not fleshing out obstacles and objections and not securing and scheduling next steps – and challenges managers to raise their own game when it comes to coaching sellers to better prepare for sales calls.

Mike makes the case that if managers would be more rigorous/focused/specific/intentional when helping salespeople prepare for sales calls, that much of that rigor would stick and that many sellers would continue to prepare better for meetings even when the manager is not assisting or coaching them.

Take a listen for Mike’s basic best practices on prepping salespeople for sales calls and be sure to grab the free Pre-Call Planning Checklist (one of the bonus resources from the new book, The First-Time Manager: Sales) that he offered to podcast listeners.


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 Pre-Call Planning Checklist


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