Episode 66

Practical Wisdom from a Highly Rated Financial Advisor, Golf Instructor, and Sales Coach to Help You Win Big in 2024!

In this powerful episode, Mike puts the wrap on an amazing year. Episode 66 combines straight talk from two of Mike’s highly-rated, trusted advisors – his golf coach, Brian Fogt, and his financial advisor, Jacob Turner – along with his own Year-End/New Year’s Sales and Sales Management “Fundamentals Checklists.”

Enjoy listening to Mike interact with two true professionals – people he turns to (and pays) for advice! Be amused at the similarities between investors, golfers, salespeople, and sales leaders – most of whom suffer from FOMO, tend to bore easily, and are quick to chase sexy quick fixes and shiny new objects instead of doing the mundane work to shore-up the fundamentals. 

And don’t miss Mike sharing exactly what he’d be focusing on right now if he was a sales leader looking to maximize results in 2024.

Thank you for your incredible support of the Sales Management. Simplified. Podcast in 2023.

As Mike concludes every episode, wishing you great sales leadership, and to your team, tons of NEW SALES in the year ahead!


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