Episode 65

Taylor Swift is Right: Trash Takes Itself Out Every. Single. Time.

After a few week break, Mike is back with Episode 65 inspired by this pithy and powerful line from Taylor Swift’s interview after being named Time Magazine Person of the Year:

“Trash itself out every single time.”

While not a “Swiftie” and admitting he can’t name three of her songs, Mike shares his high respect for Taylor and applies her wisdom to what he has seen time and time again over the past decade in world of sales. 

He also mentions that, simply by coincidence, four different people released their interviews of Mike in the past week, and he encourages you to check out these interesting and valuable conversations about sales and sales management effectiveness:

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Mike with Jeb Blount – Sales Gravy Podcast (Part One Audio) and Part Two Video

Mike with John Barrows – Make It Happen Podcast, Video here or listen on Apple Podcasts

Mike with Fred Diamond – Sales Game Changers Podcast (accompanied by Mike’s friend, sales leader extraordinaire, Joe Tarulli)


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