Episode 64

How to Give Your Buyers a Dopamine Hit with Buyer First Collaborative Selling

with Special Guest

Carole Mahoney

Episode 64 is not just for sales leaders! This is one you will want to share with your sales teams as Mike hosts a special guest, the brilliant Carole Mahoney.

Mike declares that Buyer First: Grow Your Business with Collaborative Selling is the best-written book he’s read this year and is convinced that you and your sellers will enjoy and greatly benefit from this enlightening conversation as Carole shares the science behind the success experienced by those who sell collaboratively. Along with nodding, smiling, and shouting “Amen!” as Carole and Mike exchange #notaboutme sales philosophies, you will also learn…

  • Why buyers experience a dopamine hit when you make them part of the process
  • How managers often reinforce anti-collaborative sales approaches and behaviors
  • From Carole’s experience as a sales coach for the Harvard Entrepreneurial MBA Program


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