Episode 71

A Prospecting Post-Mortem – Why You/Your Team Are Not Securing Enough Meetings

Episode 71 was inspired by a message Mike received from an executive whose sales team was not securing enough meetings with prospective customers. The executive shared two specific frustrations:

  • The sales team’s lack of effectiveness at getting prospects to agree to an initial meeting
  • The number of prospects cancelling at the last minute or “no-showing” for a meeting they had previously agreed to attend

In this episode, Mike shares his initial response to this request for help and offers up a list of potential causes for ineffective prospecting – ranging from impersonal, automated approaches, to the model being deployed, the focus of the messaging, the DNA of the salespeople, sellers not properly pushing past resistance or overcoming objections, the weightiness/reality of virtual vs. in-person meetings, and more.

Take a listen to see if any of these obstacles are preventing you or your sales team from securing meetings with targeted prospective customers.


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