Episode 72

WHO’S ON YOUR TEAM? [your “personal” team, not your sales team]

Episode 72 is different. Instead of talking about leading your sales team, Mike challenges listeners with this important personal question:

Who is on YOUR team? 

This episode was inspired by several factors, including a personal breakthrough Mike is experiencing in his own life, combined with a well-timed Netflix docuseries episode that perfectly depicts the transformative change you can experience from making the right additions to your personal team.

Who is rooting for you? Who is challenging you? Who are you going to for outside perspective or expert advice? Who is helping ensure that you win…at work, at home, at health, at life? Who is cheering you on? Or confronting you when you play the victim? Who is whispering encouragement in your ear? Or speaking hard, constructive truth (hopefully in love), when you need to hear it? 

Take a listen and be challenged to consider who might add to your personal team to help you experience a breakthrough.


Podcast Episode:  Practical Wisdom from a Highly Rated Financial Advisor, Golf Instructor, and Sales Coach to Help You Win Big in 2024!

This episode is sponsored by Pursuit Sales Solutions. If you are looking for help adding A-player talent to your team, contact Mike’s friends at pursuitsalessolutions.com/weinberg