Episode 73

What Mike’s Mentor Told Salespeople Who Worry about Outselling Capacity and Who Play “Good Corporate Citizen” Instead of Selling

This thesis of Episode 73 is that the world works much better (particularly in sales) when everyone focuses on, and worries about, their primary job!  This episode was prompted by stimulating conversations in two recent sales leadership sessions. 

First, at the VIP Q&A during Day 2 of the recent Supercharge Your Sales Leadership event, an operation-minded CEO asked Mike to elaborate on a bold (and controversial?) statement made in response to a manager asking how to keep salespeople selling when they’re worried about outselling capacity and overloading the operations/production/delivery people. 

The second conversation (while kicking off a six-month manager cohort) revolved around what Mike refers to as “Smart Sales Talent Management,” and the importance of getting the right people in the right roles. The managers were describing the differences between sellers with hunter DNA compared to those wired more like zookeepers who love to nurture relationships, put out customer service fires, and jump in to help out with delivery and operations.

In both cases, Mike quoted the strong, direct words that his sales management mentor regularly used to remind salespeople to focus on Job #1 – driving revenue! 


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