My Best Practical Tips to Drive NEW SALES in This Powerful Podcast

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I love talking New Sales and this incredible interview just posted by Doug Burdett (The Marketing Book Podcast) may be my favorite conversation yet!

If you sell in any capacity, lead a sales team, or you’re an executive in a company that needs more New Sales, please invest the time to listen to this powerful conversation. I do a ton of interviews and it’s pretty darn rare that I post one here on the blog. But this podcast is so jam-packed with blunt truth and my best, powerful, practical tips about developing new business that it would be irresponsible if I didn’t implore you to listen. Grab your earbuds, click over to The Marketing Book Podcast webpage (or link over to iTunes here – Episode 64)

Here’s just a sampling of the topics we cover in this fast-moving dialogue:

  • How to blend traditional and new methods to create more sales opportunities
  • Why the most successful and best known inbound marketing company has an outbound sales team making proactive telephone calls! (and uses New Sales. Simplified. as a guide AND recommends it to those who resell their services. Really.)
  • Some harsh words for the sales charlatans preaching the deadly advice that prospecting is dead
  • My uber-simple framework for putting together a successful new business development sales attack
  • A reminder of two of the biggest reasons salespeople fail to develop enough new business
  • The foolishness of asking someone who’s wired like a zookeeper to pick up a weapon to hunt for New Sales
  • How salespeople love to over-serve and babysit their favorite accounts as a convenient excuse for not getting around to prospecting
  • The three building blocks for a compelling, succinct sales story that will get prospects to lower their defenses, see you as an expert problem-solver and consultant, and invite you in for a dialogue
  • A proven recipe for keeping your pipeline full, moving and balanced – including how to allocate your time across opportunities and accounts in various stages of the sales cycle

mktbookpodcastHuge thanks to Doug Burdett for bringing me on his show and facilitating what is my favorite conversation yet about prospecting and new business development.

If you’d like me to expand on any topic covered on the podcast in a future post, just shoot me a note with your request. And, as always, if you find this content valuable, please share it with others using the buttons below.

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