Welcome to the New Digs, New Insider Insights and a New Approach to Blog Comments

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New Digs

Welcome! Thrilled to have you here and thankful for your patience as we’ve been working hard to launch this improved site. I’ve saved up some great blog posts that I can’t wait to share.

The look is different but the goal is the same – to bring you blunt, practical insights, ideas and observations about sales, sales management, sales talent, sales process and productivity. I invite you to look around and make yourself at home. It is easier to find and access content, particularly my most popular posts which are now grouped together on one page. And very shortly we’ll be adding new pages to the site, and I’ll begin doing short video blog posts on a regular basis as well.

Insider Insights

We’ve also created a new free offering, Insider Insights, which will not only get you my latest posts (figure on 1-2 per week on average) delivered right to your inbox in a mobile-friendly format, but subscribers will also receive my new monthly newsletter and special content and insights shared only with Insiders. I encourage you to sign up today in the box to the right. If you’re currently reading this post because you received it via email, please click here to check out the site and while on the page, signup for Insider Insights because that will become the preferred way to continue receiving posts.

Changes to Comments

I’ve decided to turn off Comments for my blog posts. This was a tough decision, but two realities clinched it. While I truly appreciated those who did offer feedback (positive and constructive), and fun anecdotes or stories, the reality is that while several thousand people read each post, and several hundred “share” it on social platforms, less than one-tenth of one percent of readers would post a comment. Yet, amazingly, the comments pending section on the backend of the site always had hundreds and hundreds of spam comments offering knockoff Gucci handbags, Viagra from Canada and links to all sorts of sordid sites, waiting for my approval! So, because the world has changed with social sharing rising exponentially in prominence while blog commenting continues to diminish in value, I am following the lead of some blogging giants like Chris Brogan and CopyBlogger and turning off comments on the site.

But doing away with commenting does not mean I don’t want to engage with readers and dialogue about issues. Quite the opposite – I do! So please use the buttons at the bottom of this and every post to share it and your thoughts on your favorite platforms. And I’ll do my best to join the conversation there, too.

Thank you, again, for your readership. Stay tuned for great content to come.


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