When the Prospect or Customer Says Jump…

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When the customer or prospect tells a salesperson to jump,  a majority will not only respond with the traditional, “How high?” — but they typically do so with great excitement.

What could be better? The customer wants me to do something and I will show them that I’m the best; I’m the fastest; I’m the most compliant; I have the best attitude; I follow instructions better than anyone; I’m likable; No one presents better than I do; I’ll provide the most creative proposal.

The super-responsive or highly relational salesperson is probably incredulous reading this post, shaking his/her head in disbelief that I’d actually go there. Well, based on what I am seeing across a very wide variety of sales roles and industries, I have no choice but to go there.  

So let me ask…

When you finally get that key contact on the phone, and after asking for the meeting just once, the contact requests that you send some information before he’ll commit to getting together. How do you respond?

When a potential client who’s on your strategic target list emails asking you to come in for a presentation or demoor to do a capabilities overview, or tells you he’s gathering his team together and wants your best “dog and pony show,” how do you respond?

When you sit down in the buyer’s office or a conference room and she opens the meeting with “show me what you got,” how do you respond?

When you’re literally on your first date with a prospect and they fall madly in love with you after 20 minutes and ask for a comprehensive proposal outlining what you can do for them, how do you respond?

When you receive an RFP from a very large company that you are not pursuing and not in relationship with, how do you respond?

So I am curious. When they say “jump” and you respond with “how high?” — how is that working out for you?


*The first two links I included above are to ancient posts from 2010, before even launching my business. If you’re new here, I’d encourage to take a look at those because they cover two of my favorite topics. And, hey, today is Throwback Thursday 🙂


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