Who’s on YOUR Team, Telling You You’re Good, Encouraging Your Heart & Kicking Your Ass?

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Serious question: Who is on YOUR team? When you need some encouragement and to be told “you can do this,” to whom do you turn?

When you’re doubting yourself, in a slump, or just need a boost of confidence, where do you turn?

Take 40 seconds to watch this post-game video interview with the Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright:

It’s been a challenging couple of years on the mound for this beloved man, and I want to ask you to consider this:  If a 13-year veteran, three-time all-star who has twice led the league in wins benefits from others encouraging his heart, and filling his mind with positive affirmations, is it possible that maybe, just maybe, you might need encouragement, too?

When I heard Wainwright (my favorite Cardinal and someone whose character I truly admire) sharing how meaningful it was to have current teammates and a former teammate make it a point to tell him he was good enough, that he still had the talent and the stuff, I couldn’t help but think of salespeople and managers who need that same kind of support!

Do you have someone at work, or outside of work, you can turn to for a “pick-me-up” and the blessing of positive affirmation? Is there someone in your life who cares about you, is for you, and wants to see you succeed as much as you do? When you start whining or seeing yourself as a victim and your self-talk becomes self-doubt and lies, is there someone to speak the truth in love and provide a much-needed kick in the ass?


  • 2019 is coming to the mid-point. Not sure where you are in the sales “standings” or whether you are crushing your quota or way behind your half-year goals. But this I do know: The St. Louis Blues were dead last in their conference at the halfway point of the NHL season. Dead last. And last week they won their first Stanley Cup. That’s right. They went from the cellar to world champions in four months. Don’t quit, even if you are behind!
  • In case you didn’t know :), my new book, Sales Truth, released last week. I’ve been blown away by the response. I’m beyond encouraged by the excitement, the sales numbers, and the early reviews (105 on Amazon as of this morning). We haven’t made this public yet, but we are going to launch a #SalesTruth Community in just a few months. Not only will it be a source of powerful tips, observations of what I’m seeing drive more New Sales in my clients, but it will also be a place for truth-telling and encouragement. If you don’t have a support system as a salesperson, we are going to help provide one for you. Stay tuned for more info coming soon.
  • If you are struggling with positivity, go check out Jon Gordon. He’s become a big influence in my life. Jon is Mr. Positive, and not in a cheesy, inauthentic, BS kind of way. He’s as legit and authentic as you get. He’s one of my favorite follows on twitter, and his book The Energy Bus was truly impactful for me.


Here’s to great selling and a great rest of the week!


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