January 17, 2019

Why The OutBound Sales Conference is Such a Unique and Powerful Opportunity to Up Your Sales Game

Mike on OutBound Stage

With the 3rd OutBound Sales Conference less than three months away, I keep getting asked why OutBound has become so popular and what makes it unique. My answer is threefold.

First, it’s the very specific focus. Every session is designed to help individual sellers and sales team leaders increase effectiveness in these areas:  Prospecting. Pipeline. Productivity. Despite all the noise and nonsense on LinkedIn, and the loud voices who continue to proclaim that prospecting is dead, there is tremendous hunger from salespeople who want/need to improve at creating their own new sales opportunities. They are seeking help to become more effective at filling the top of the sales funnel, and advancing deals through the pipeline. And as overwhelmed and distracted as many sellers and sales managers are, personal productivity is a powerful and popular topic for which so many are looking to improve.

Second, it’s the speakers. It’s awkward
to write and I am not sure how to say this without sounding like I am bragging,
so I will just say it and then provide the list below. There probably are not
four more in-demand sales speakers/authors/trainers than Jeb Blount, Mark
Hunter, Anthony Iannarino, and myself. In the past year, these are the cities
where we have spoken (delivered a keynote talk, workshop, or training session).
If there is a number after the location, that denotes the total number of times
the four of us spoke in that city combined:

Aberdeen, Scotland
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Akron, OH
Allentown, PA (2x)
Amelia Island, FL (2x)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Anchorage, Alaska
Asheville, NC
Atlanta, GA (5x)
Austin, TX (3x)
Baltimore, MD (2x)
Bedminster, New Jersey
Bettendorf, IA
Biloxi, MS
Birmingham, AL  (3x)
Bogota, Columbia
Boston, MA (3x)
Boulder, CO
Brussels, Belgium
Buenos Aires, Argentina (2x)
Buffalo, NY
Charleston, SC (2x)
Charlotte, NC (4x)
Chennai, India
Chicago, IL (16x)
Cincinnati, OH
Clearwater, FL
Cleveland, OH (3x)
Colorado Springs, CO
Columbia, SC
Columbus, OH
Copenhagen, Denmark
Council Bluffs, IA
Dallas, TX  (11x)
Davenport, Iowa
Denver, CO (3x)
Des Moines, IA (2x)
Detroit, MI
Dubai, UAE
Edinburgh, Scotland
Fort Hays, KS
Fort Knox, KY
Fort Wayne, IN
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Ft. Worth, Texas  (2x)
Grand Rapids, MI
Hartford, CT
Hong Kong  (2x)
Honolulu, HI
Houston, TX (5x)
Indianapolis, IN
Jackson, MS
Jacksonville, FL
Johannesburg, South Africa
Kansas City, MO (4x)
Knoxville, TN
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lake Tahoe, CA
Las Vegas, NV (2)
Leeds, England
Lincoln, NE
Lisbon, Portugal
London, England (5x)
Los Angeles, CA
Macon, GA
Madrid, Spain
Manhattan, KS (Go Kansas State!)
Memphis, TN (2x)
Miami, FL (2x)
Milan, Italy
Minneapolis, MN (5x)
Moline, IA
Monterey, CA
Montgomery, AL
Mt. Arlington, NJ
Mumbai, India (2x)
Munich, Germany
Myrtle Beach, SC
Naples, FL (2x)
Nashua, NH (4x)
Nashville, TN (2x)
New Orleans, LA
New York City, NY (13x)
Newark, NJ
Omaha, NE (2x)
Orlando, FL
Palm Springs, CA (2x)
Paris, France
Petoskey, MI
Philadelphia, PA (5x)
Phoenix, AZ (9x)
Pittsburgh, PA (2x)
Portland, ME (2x)
Portland, OR (2x)
Princeton, NJ
Provo, Utah
Raleigh, NC (3)
Reading, England
Reno, NV
Salt Lake City, UT (5x)
San Antonio, TX
San Diego, CA (3x)
San Francisco, CA (4x)
San Jose, CA
San Paulo, Brazil
Santa Barbara, CA
Seattle, WA
Sebring, FL
Seoul, South Korea
Seville, Spain
Shenzhen, China
Shetland Islands, Scotland
Singapore (2x)
St. Louis. MO (4x)
Tampa, FL (3x)
Toronto, Canada (3x)
Tulsa, OK
Washington, DC  (2x)
Weston, MA
Wichita, KS

Yes, that’s a crazy list and American,
Delta, and Southwest Airlines know the four of us very well. Why so much
demand? Because what we write about and speak about and teach salespeople
works. Our focus? Prospecting. Pipeline. Productivity. Creating, advancing, and
closing sales opportunities, and leading healthy, high-performance sales teams.

98 percent of those speaking events listed
above were private in nature – meaning that a company paid to bring one of us in
to work specifically with their sales team. What makes OutBound so unique is
not only are all four of us together at the same event (along with our very
special guests listed below), but it’s open to the public and priced so that
individuals can afford to purchase a ticket and come on their own!  We constantly get inquiries about when people
can attend one of our public workshops and hear us speak. The OutBound
Conference is the answer.

And this year, we have expanded the
conference to be even bigger and better. There are more speakers and more days.
Joining Jeb, Mark, Anthony and me on the Main Stage during the first two days
are Victor Antonio, Bob Burg, Colleen Francis,
Jeffrey Gitomer, Waldo Waldman, and Andrea Waltz. I cannot believe this lineup
that includes true legends and some of my all-time favorite sales gurus.
Frankly, I can’t wait to sit in the audience with attendees and am pumped to learn
from ALL of these experts, too!

The third reason OutBound is so unique is the EXPERIENCE. Everything we do is built around the attendee. The speakers don’t hide backstage in the Green Room. We are out there everyday – greeting people, before, during, and after sessions. We are taking selfies with attendees, signing books, answering questions, mingling in the auditorium and in the lobby. We do this because we love it, and we love salespeople and sales leaders. This event is the highlight of our year and we want it to be the highlight for those who attend, too.

There are no sales pitches from the stage.
Neither speakers nor event sponsors will be trying to sell you something from
up-front. Seating is classroom style so you will be comfortable and primed to
learn. The venue is fantastic; the audio/video production quality outstanding. The
sessions are powerful, packed with valuable info, and fast moving. And Atlanta
is one of the easiest cities to get to in the U.S.

If you are ready to up your sales game, take more responsibility for creating and advancing sales opportunities, want to start winning more New Sales and make 2019 your best sales year ever, join us at OutBound this April in Atlanta.

There are three ticket packages – VIP, Elite, and
Main Stage, and all are great values. The VIP and Elite tickets also get you
full-day access to the training track sessions led by many of today’s most
gifted and in-demand trainers and authors including: Jen Gluckow, Larry Levine,
Shari Levitin, Gene McNaughton, James Muir, Meredith Elliott Powell, Sam
Richter, and Lee Salz along with sessions from Jeb, Mark, Anthony and me. 

We would love to meet you at OutBound in Atlanta. Many people already signed-up to attend for their third consecutive year, and I personally have many friends and clients joining us. The fourth of week of April will be the best week of the year for sales professionals! More info, an event guide, and ticket options here.