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Those who read my content know that it’s a pretty darn rare day when I venture into the land of sales tools. And that’s very intentional. There are so many tool providers and an abundance of qualified sales experts (two of my favorites are Miles Austin and Nancy Nardin) reviewing and recommending tools, that I typically stay far away the topic.

However, just recently I was exposed to DiscoverOrg and came away so impressed that I wanted to share this tool and incredible company with you. And, in the name of full transparency and disclosure, the reason I got a close look at DiscoverOrg is because they are a Platinum Sponsor for the OutBound Conference coming up in just two weeks at in Atlanta. In case you’ve been under a rock for the past few months and haven’t heard about OutBound on social media or in our emails, this is the second OutBound Conference where Jeb Blount, Mark Hunter, Anthony Iannarino and I will be headlining the main day, April 11th, with four keynotes and four workshop-type sessions… all focused on helping you sell more by improving your prospecting, your pipeline, and your productivity. It’s an enormous event over several days (with over 600 tickets already sold), and we still have about 25 tickets remaining for the main day, April 11th. For more info or to secure one of the last few tickets, head over to OutBoundConference.com, and the code Mike100 will save you $100.

I sat down with Steve Bryerton, Vice President of Sales, at DiscoverOrg for a really brief, powerful conversation about prospecting. Check out our dialogue that touches on topics ranging from how to be more strategic in whom you are targeting for new business to the importance of accuracy in the data you are trusting. I was beyond impressed with Steve and DiscoverOrg and I hope you find this conversation helpful to you, even if you’re not looking for this type of help or tool right now. Frankly, I just enjoyed talking about sales, prospecting, and sales leadership with Steve. He offered up a few gems…


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