A Great Book, a Practical Podcast, and a Reminder to Power-up Your Sales Story

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As we scramble to finish up Q3 strong and enter the homestretch of 2021 with solid momentum, here are a few thoughts and resources to help…


Earlier this week while helping a great client’s sales team prep and practice for trade show booth sales conversations, I was blown away by the amazing work of this company’s training group. They took my exhortation to “sharpen their sales story” to an entirely new level, and I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.  

Instead of providing the sales force with typical feature-laden product info to spew at trade show booth visitors, they went the extra mile to run their suggested talking points through my “story framework.” The end result was amazing product cheat sheets that, in a clear, concise, and compelling manner, spelled out exactly WHY a customer would turn to this particular product and what’s in it for them. It was a thing of beauty and pure sales genius. Huge kudos to this training team!

My challenge for you is simple: when is the last time you sharpened your sales messaging and truly evaluated whether the points spewing from your keyboard or mouth are self/company/product-focused or customer issue/outcome-focused? Nothing will increase your confidence faster or make selling easier than working to sharpen your sales story/messaging. And if you’d like some help doing that, check out my powerful, short online course, YOUR SALES STORY.


If you care about sales effectiveness or are in any way responsible for equipping and enabling sales teams to succeed, check out this new podcast episode with my special guest, Mike Kunkle.

Take a listen and be encouraged that despite all the noise and nonsense you read online about sales tools, tech stacks, and toys, the most effective sales effectiveness initiatives are built on the solid foundation of “old school” timeless principles.


Author Lee Salz has a fantastic new book that has been out for two weeks and is selling like crazy because it is that good — and it delivers on the promise in its subtitle: All New Sales Differentiation Strategies to Outsmart, Outmaneuver, & Outsell the Competition. 

If you’re tired of getting lumped in with your competitors and commoditized, grab your copy HERE.

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