Executives, Managers and Salespeople Must be More Selfish to Drive Improved Results

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I wrote recently asking executives, managers and salespeople if they were moving the needle on high payoff activities or just simply busy. The piece got a lot of play and also caught the attention of the editors at Open View Labs who wanted to further explore the topic of being “Selfishly Productive.” And because this is a hot issue right now in several of my client engagements, I was more than happy to share some blunt, simple, and occasionally irreverent thoughts in this fun, short interview with Jonathan Crowe.

Click below to jump over to OpenView’s recording or scan the transcript. This is a topic I’m truly passionate about, and one of my New Year’s wishes is that management and salespeople who are looking to drive new business development results would take these observations and ideas to heart.

OpenView Labcast: The Key to Stealing Back Your Productivity — The Power of Being Selfishly Productive


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