Episode 68

Mike Tackles 8 Tough Questions from a Sales Team

During Week 1 of the 2024 Sales Kickoff Meeting Season, one of Mike’s clients included a live Q&A to conclude a virtual session. The questions from the salespeople and sales leaders were so good, and so different from what Mike is typically asked, he decided to share them (along with his answers) in this episode.

You’ll want to share this episode with your sales team! 

Take a listen for Mike’s answers to these eight great questions:

1.  At what point do you move on to the next opportunity? How many NO’s do you need to get before giving up, or how long do you continue to pursue a prospect who has stopped responding?

2. How do we get your training to stick? What would you tell salespeople and managers to ensure that what you’re teaching gets implemented…and makes an impact?

3. How does using the business plan help the salesperson and manager set short-term and long-term goals, and also help to achieve those goals?

4. How can your training (and approach) help our ecosystem develop both a better sales culture and also help us deliver a better customer experience?

5. What is necessary for us to be successful going “upmarket” (selling solutions instead of hardware) and getting into higher-level customer contacts?

6. After winning a deal and handing it off cleanly, how can we get salespeople back to selling instead of having them continuing to come back to make sure the project is moving and/or installed?

7. What do you think is the number one sales sin of the Ugly 8 Reasons Sellers Get Viewed as Amateurs, Relegated to “Vendor” Status and Commoditized?

8. Can you speak about the most resistant sales organization you have dealt with? Were you able to get them to change, and through that change, what was the outcome?


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