Salespeople Need Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount More than Any Book Today

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No, this post title is not an exaggeration, and, yes, I’m aware that I have two of my own best-selling books on the market. Even so, if you sell for a living, you must read Fanatical Prospecting now. Why am I so emphatic? Instead of trying to be creative, I’m going to answer that by letting you read my initial reaction which I was asked by Jeb Blount to provide as the foreword to the book. For your sake, and the sake of the sales profession, please take three minutes to read this and then go buy the book.

For twenty-five years I’ve hoped for a book like Fanatical Prospecting and never has this powerful message and valuable advice been as needed as it is today.

Like a prophet, Jeb Blount boldly points out the lies of the loud, popular nouveau sales “experts” whose deadly advice leads salespeople and sales leaders astray. These experts preach to all who will listen that prospecting – proactively pursuing prospects – no longer works. What’s particularly dangerous about this false teaching is that it is exactly what the struggling, reactive salesperson wants to hear. Why do the hard work to prospect and self-generate new sales opportunities when that supposedly isn’t effective anyway? Why block time to pick up the phone if instead you can tweet, write blog posts, or play for hours posting comments in a LinkedIn group?

The truth, as Jeb so eloquently shares, is that there is no Easy Button in sales. There is no magic bullet or secret sauce. No one sales tool, gimmick, or mystical new process guaranteed to fill your pipeline. In spite of what the social selling Kool-Aid pushers and inbound marketing companies tell us, Jeb, every true successful sales hunter and I know differently: The truth is that top producers and sales superstars are fanatical prospectors who take personal responsibility for identifying and creating their own sales opportunities. Prospecting not only still works, but it’s the fastest and most effective way to accomplish exactly what this book’s subtitle promises: opening sales conversations and filling the pipeline!

Jeb Blount knows prospecting. He is an authority on this subject because he was an all-star, record-setting salesperson before building his own wildly successful sales improvement and recruiting business. Today he transforms sales performance consulting and speaking for hundreds of organizations every year. In Fanatical Prospecting, he leaves no stone unturned and holds nothing back. Jeb shares why we need to prospect, exactly what to do, and how to do it.

New sales are the lifeblood of a business. Nothing is more important than securing discovery meetings/conversations/appointments/sales calls with potential customers. And that is exactly why this is the most important book ever written on this topic. Most company’s sales results suffer not because their people can’t present well or are ineffective closers. It’s the fact that the sales team lacks opportunities to work.

If you are a sales leader or salesperson looking for help creating more new sales opportunities, then this book is for you. But be warned, once you read Fanatical Prospecting, there will be no more excuses. From understanding why and how we must interrupt prospects, to jealously guarding our precious golden hours for selling, Jeb provides a comprehensive guide to increase sales fast. There is practical, powerful advice on using every means (social selling, email, telephone, networking, referrals, in-person prospecting) available to start sales conversations and create new opportunities. If you picked up this book because you’ve truly never fanatically prospected for new business and you’re struggling to hit your numbers, congratulations. I promise that if you follow the prescription Jeb provides your results are about to improve dramatically. And, if like me, you’re a long-time believer in prospecting, this book will take your game to completely new levels.

Do yourself and your sales career a favor, click here and go buy this book right now.

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