The 2019 Fall Selling Season Starts Today!

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A long, long time ago, a good friend/client and I declared the critical eleven weeks between the U.S. Labor Day and Thanksgiving holidays the Fall Selling Season. 

For several years I published an annual post asking Are You Ready for the Selling Season Sprint?

So, I’ll ask you now: are you (or your sales team) ready?

Sales Friends, this is the time of year to make hay, and not just because it’s almost harvest season. These twelve weeks (an early Labor Day and late Thanksgiving give us a bonus week!) can make or break this year and set up you to succeed in the next. Will you take full advantage of the fact that the Fall Selling Season is here?

The kids are back in school. Summer vacation season is over. Q3 has 27 days remaining. It’s time to run hard…to sprint. Most of us kicked it back a notch (or two or three) over the summer, and everyone knows how much everything slows down in December. The time to sell is NOW!

Will you commit? Get up earlier? Focus like crazy? Time-block new business development activities early in the day? Prospect like a madman/women? Pursue tough growable existing accounts? Say no to committee meetings and time-wasters? Laser focus on the only three sales verbs that mean anything – Create, Advance, and Close opportunities?

Early Bird Tickets Available for the November 19th Atlanta Porsche Experience Center Supercharge Your Sales Leadership Event

I’m hosting my second Supercharge Your Sales Leadership event on November 19th in Atlanta. The first session in St. Louis sold out quickly and sales executives and managers asked us to schedule another event prior to year-end.

Full details and Early Bird Pricing can be found here.

This event is exclusively for executives and sales managers looking to…

  • Maximize the results of top-performers
  • Identify and address underperformance…and quickly coach-up or coach-out struggling salespeople
  • Increase accountability without being a jerk, demotivating the team, or coming across as a micromanager
  • Lead sales team meetings that actually align, equip, and energize your salespeople
  • Get the right salespeople in the right sales roles
  • Overcome the futility and frustration from asking sellers wired like “zookeepers” to hunt for new business
  • Get the most impact from coaching and fieldwork and master the best practices for working alongside your salespeople (before, during and after sales calls, customer meetings, and presentations)
  • Ensure the sales team is crystal clear and laser-focused on proactively pursuing strategic target accounts
  • Arm the sales team with the critical weapons they need to win
  • Sharpen the “Sales Story” - every salesperson’s most critical weapon
  • Create and maintain a healthy, high-performance sales culture that attracts top talent, repels underperformers, and drives results for the long-term!

Get more info here and please contact us for group pricing and packages.

The Porsche Experience Center is not only an incredible venue and one of my favorite places on Planet Earth, it’s also adjacent to the Atlanta Airport which makes this an incredible easy event to attend!

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