The Most Foolish Thing a Salesperson Can Do is Complain That Their Price Is Too High

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Salespeople and Sales Leaders,

I am asking for 39 seconds. That’s it. 

Just listen to the first 39 seconds of this episode. Even if you’ve sworn to yourself that you’d never listen to a podcast, I’m pleading with you to give this 39 seconds of your attention because this is one of the biggest issues in sales today.

There has NEVER been a more important time to get over our insecurity about selling at full-price or passing along a price increase. The environment we are selling in today and heading into 2022 requires that we address this topic head-on. 

This is the final episode in the mini-series I’ve been doing that tackles the 8 Ugly Reasons Sellers Get Relegated to “Vendor” Status and Commoditized, and it is my favorite in the series. In this episode, I pull no punches and confront sellers who are either insecure about price or too quick to make it about price (Reason #7). 

We also look the importance of our “Sales Story” (as it relates to justifying our premium price), the damage done when salespeople deploy ineffective self/product/company-focused messaging (Reason #8), and how to fix that problem.

Here’s to upgrading from vendor to value creator, consultant, expert, professional problem solver, and trusted advisor,


PS – Due to the overwhelming response to this series, I am hosting a free Q&A session to take your toughest questions around these common Ugly 8 Reasons sellers get downgraded in the customer’s eyes and treated like just a vendor or commodity seller. Register for that Q&A session at

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