A Powerful Experience and Special Opportunity for Sales Leaders

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This past Tuesday and Wednesday were quite possibly the two most satisfying days since I launched the current version of my firm nine years ago. Not sure I’ve ever had more fun doing what I do!

I love leading private sessions for individual companies, but there was something truly magical that took place having executives and sales managers from 19 different companies join me at The Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta.

50 driven, hungry, engaged, and energized sales leaders from across North America…from a tech company regional sales director to a bank market president…a manufacturing company channel leader…an entrepreneurial founder. Several senior sales execs. Newly promoted frontline sales managers. Some came solo from as far as Vancouver. Others came with their entire sales leadership team. From $10 million startups to multi-billion dollar multinational companies.

ONE GOAL: supercharge these sales leaders and radically increase their sales management effectiveness.

The venue – fantastic; the feedback from attendees – phenomenal. Comments like “career changing” and “exactly what I needed.”

We’re hosting this session again on the west coast in February…at The Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles.

If you (or a sales leader you know) would benefit from…

  • Gaining back control of the calendar to focus on the precious few highest-value sales management activities that truly drive culture and increase sales
  • Mastering the 1:1 meeting to increase accountability and visibility without demotivating or micromanaging the team
  • Maximizing the impact from coaching and fieldwork
  • Leading sales teams meetings that actually energize and equip your people
  • Learning how to not only retain, but also maximize the production of your A-players and quickly identify and address underperformance
  • Taking a long look in the mirror to see which of the common sales leadership sins may be damaging your sales culture and results
  • Screaming around the track with a professional instructor in gorgeous and powerful Porsche sports cars
  • An entire day (or two if you pick the VIP package) learning from and being challenged by other sales leaders who are also looking to up their game.

Then I invite you to check out the objectives and the agenda for our next Supercharge Your Sales Leadership Event.

Early Bird Pricing is in effect until December 1st. The previous two sessions (STL and ATL) sold out and this one will, too. There are still four (of the eight) VIP slots available so if follow-up coaching and a full-blown Porsche Driving Experience interests you, take a look at the VIP option.

I hope you’ll join me and other driven sales leaders in Los Angeles in February. And if you want to attend but can’t make that date, shoot back a reply and we’ll keep you informed as other events are scheduled.

Here’s to great sales leadership and tons of New Sales,


P.S. – Everyone who attends this event also receives lifetime access to the brand new Sales Management. Simplified. Video Coaching Series.

P.P.S. - Reminder that the Early Bird Pricing is in effect until December 1st.

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