The Powerful Impact of Being Surrounded by Positive and Productive People

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I was so impacted by POSITIVE and PRODUCTIVE people this week that it seemed more valuable to share these stories with you than to write a post focusing on sales or sales leadership best practices.

From my super-positive client sales team, to the internet sales manager to the restauranteur in San Antonio, from my rockstar daughter overcoming two eye surgeries to crush her semester project to Tom Hanks playing Mister Rogers, everywhere I turned I was inspired by people who were making a dent in the world and winning big due to their positivity and productivity.

Click the video image below.

I’m curious how you are keeping yourself positive and productive? Who is inspiring you? What are you reading or listening to inspire your heart? And who in your sphere of influence are you helping to be more positive and productive?

I’ll be back to you in a few days to follow-up with another post focused on a “P-word” – Prospecting – to share the mindset I see top prospectors deploying with great success.

Go crush it this week,


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