October 21, 2019

Don’t Rest, Relax or Get Weary Now; We’re Dead Smack in the Middle of Selling Season

I am posting this to encourage you to keep going. Don’t tire or grow weary. We are exactly halfway through the Fall Selling Season.

Stay focused. Keep pushing. Sell now. Rest later.

This is THE time to not only ensure you finish this year strong, but also to plant seeds and create new opportunities filling your pipeline for a fast start to 2020.

And don’t you dare sign-up for the company Halloween party committee. Let someone else decorate and buy the candy. Your primary job is to sell. Focus like mad on the only three sales verbs that matter:  creating, advancing, closing sales opportunities.

Sprint all the way through the finish line. The well-earned sales victories, the holiday celebrations, and the rest will be that much sweeter!