How is Your Mind, Your Heart, and Your Focus Right Now?

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I’m thankful to report that, as predicted in previous posts, the dust has indeed settled as we’ve all transitioned into lockdown mode. 

No, it’s not ideal and there are definitely challenges and complexities, but we are settling in and learning how to adapt (and dare I say, even succeed) during this new temporary normal.

I have been leading what feels like nonstop back-to-back-to-back online meetings for both sales management teams and sales teams. While tired of looking into a webcam so many hours a day, I am also repeatedly encouraged and energized by the great sales leadership and sales professionalism being exhibited as we progress through this crisis.

A big tip of the cap to managers and individual sellers who are not only giving it their all, but also finding creative ways to accomplish the mission. Is it easy? No. Are some teams and businesses better positioned to succeed while others are hampered because of the crisis’ impact on the markets they serve? Absolutely. But overall, I’m overwhelmingly impressed with both those who are succeeding now and those who are doing everything possible to ensure they succeed on the back side of this when we’re in recovery.

In my last post I challenged you to “Fly. The. Airplane” and focus on the very few critical fundamentals that drive sales and sales management success. And while I intended to circle back with subsequent articles to review those fundamentals, the response we’ve received to all these online meetings prompted me to change my mind and offer you something better and more impactful. 

So, instead of giving you more to read, I am going to lead several online meetings - at no charge - call them webinars, if you will. I feel compelled to share the same powerful content my corporate clients are getting with you. Stay tuned for more info next week. There will be both sales leader-specific and salesperson-specific sessions. We’ll make them available first to my Insider Insights subscribers and from there we will open these sessions up to the sales community. I’m excited to bring this valuable content to you!

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Yesterday, we sent this video to sales leaders, and after receiving so much feedback appreciating the message, I watched it again to realize that all the principles shared are applicable to salespeople as well. If you’ve got a few minutes for tips on remaining positive and other’s focused, I think this will help you:

  1. 1. Seek Productive, Positive Inputs (and avoid doomsday hysteria)
  2. 2. Get Your Eyes Off Yourself (and seek to serve and help others)
  3. 3. Ask “What’s Possible?” (applying Michael Hyatt’s advice)

Continue to choose Positivity & Perseverance over Pity Parties & Panic.

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