More Encouragement from the Field and an Invite to Two Powerful Sessions

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As HARD as this season/pandemic/crisis/lockdown is for so many reasons, I am also really encouraged by what I’m observing and hearing from salespeople and sales managers.

So, instead of sharing “advice” with you in this post (although, below, I’ve got invitations to two powerful sessions – one for sales leaders and one for sellers – with plenty of practical tips and best practices), I’ve decided to simply pass along more positivity and encouragement to you today.

Both of these notes I’m sharing are from individual salespeople. One is a long-time reader/supporter of my content who emailed to celebrate his recent successes, and the other, who I know through online group sessions for purchasers of the New Sales. Simplified. Video Coaching Series, posted a comment on my YouTube video with his vision for a much better future (since his business has been absolutely decimated by Coronavirus).

Salesperson 1 Celebrating Today:

“In sales related news, two of my dream clients got back to me last week to discuss how we can assist them during and coming out of this unusual time. I attribute that to New Sales. Simplified. and a combination of the coaching in the book and my tenacity to stay on them because I knew we could help them more than the competitor.

I also just received the contract on a new piece of business that I’ve been pursuing for two years. That important business will pay dividends for many years to come. The business is out there!”

Salesperson 2 Pre-Celebrating the Future:

"Know this...when this ends, and it WILL end…

every event will sell out, every restaurant will have a 2 hour wait, every kid will be thrilled to be back at school, everyone will LOVE their job and going to work. Stocks will soar, houses will be bought and sold, and sorority houses will be TP'd. We'll all be stronger, will have learned something, and breathe a big sigh of relief (while covering our mouth, of course) That's gonna be one hell of a day!!"

Whether, along with Salesperson 1, you’re experiencing significant success right now, or you’re in the same boat as Salesperson 2 imagining much better days (and smiling picturing yourself at a favorite restaurant with friends or kids toilet papering houses), I hope you are finding ways to remain positive, engaged, and mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy during this lockdown!

I’ve spent the past six weeks intentionally Choosing Positivity and Perseverance over Pity Parties and Panic and doing my part to help others in the sales community do the same. As mentioned above, I’m super-encouraged (and energized) by what I’m observing in many of the companies where I’m consulting, coaching, and training right now and am ready to share what I am seeing with you!

I’ve created two new online sessions – one is for executives, sales leaders, and sales managers, and the other is for salespeople. The feedback from my corporate clients where I’ve led these sessions has been so strong and so positive, I feel compelled to offer the very same content to all sellers and sales leaders!

Both sessions are divided into two parts. In the first half, I review best practices that are helping managers and sellers remain positive and productive during this difficult time. The second half gets very practical and very specific. In the “Leading Through Crisis” webinar, I will remind sales leaders of their 5 Highest-Payoff, Highest-Value Activities, and offer suggestions for how to adapt those sales management fundamentals to our current situation. And in the “Selling Through Crisis” session, I refresh salespeople on the fundamentals for developing new business along with coaching on refining our target lists, messaging, proactive outreach, and self/time-discipline as well sell into these strong Coronavirus headwinds.

I’m offering both free webinar sessions twice. Please join me by registering using the links below, and I encourage you to share this post with other execs, sales managers, and salespeople who would benefit from a shot of positivity and practical, powerful tips:

Sales Leaders, click here for more info and to register for “Leading Through Crisis” (webinars scheduled for TODAY, Monday April 27 and Friday May 1)

Salespeople, click here for more info and to register for “Selling Through Crisis” (webinars scheduled for May 5 and May 7).

Stay positive, and here’s to great selling and great sales leadership this week!

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