Powerful Tips on Prospecting, Pipeline, and Productivity at the 2017 Virtual Sales Kickoff

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The Sales Kickoff Meeting Season for 2017 is nearing its end. I’ve been privileged to speak to many sales teams across North America over the past six weeks, and there’s still one GIANT kickoff meeting remaining on my calendar. The good news is that you’re invited, it’s virtual, and you can attend from anywhere on the planet. Even better, it’s FREE, thanks to our sponsor, Cirrus Insight.

4000 people have already registered and today I am inviting you to join three of my favorite sales guru buddies and me on Thursday, February 16th at 11:00am EST for this powerful event.

We will be laser focused on these three themes to help you create more NEW SALES than ever before: Prospecting, Pipeline, and Productivity. While I’ve got the alliteration going with all these P’s, let me go ahead and make you a few Promises about this year’s event:

  • As we’ve done in the Past, there will be no slides. That’s right. A sales webinar with no slides! Just four sales Pros offering Powerful, Practical tips to help fill your Pipeline and Produce more revenue.
  • There will be no Pitch and no Product being sold (although we will be making a special announcement about a Project we have in store for later this Spring).
  • I Promise that I’ll be stirring the Pot and Poking fun at anti-Prospecting charlatans and false Prophets who Preach their deadly Poison that Proactively Pursuing Prospects and Picking up the Phone is dead and that you’d be better off Playing on various social Platforms. I have the Proof that Proves them wrong!
  • I’ll share some of my best Prospecting tips including how to deploy a mini-Power Statement to get your Prospects to Pause and Put down their defense shields and also how to Push Past resistance when Presented with objections.
  • And on the Productivity front, I am going to Provide a few examples of how top-Producers out-Perform their Peers by becoming more of what I call “selfishly Productive.”

CLICK HERE for more info or to register. Even if you can’t make it for the live broadcast next Thursday,  February 16th, register anyway so you can get access to the recording.

Big-time appreciation to Cirrus Insight for bringing you this year’s Virtual Sales Kickoff live on the web. Click on their logo below to take advantage of their FREE Starbucks offer and to see how they’re helping sellers streamline workflow while working in their inbox instead of in Salesforce.


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