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It’s a pretty good bet that your Super Bowl spread won’t be as healthy what’s pictured above! And if you’re in sales, whether as an executive, sales manager, or individual producer, it’s also a safe bet that there are higher-value uses of your time on Sunday than watching seven hours of pre-game shows. Hence, the timing of this email to offer you some super foods for your sales brain before the big game.

Here is an audio recording and a short video intended to equip, challenge, and maybe even provoke you. Give a listen while sitting on the couch, taking a walk, working out, or grilling your Super Bowl Party entree:

1.  Third Time is a Charm!  (for salespeople and managers) 
My friend Andy Paul has been lighting it up with his Accelerate podcast, and he just had me back for a third time. It might be our best dialogue yet. It’s his Episode #358, but it’s #1 in my mind. Here are just a few teasers of what we tackled:

[2:08] One of the biggest challenge facing salespeople today, is being commoditized, instead of being seen as consultants and value producers.

[3:12] Why it’s essential salespeople must view themselves as consultants, professional problem-solvers and value creators.

[5:20] Being responsive — which is crucial — does not require you to provide a proposal prematurely. 

[8:06] Take ownership of your sales process. Tell the client you need to meet with them for discovery, so the proposal will be relevant to them.

[12:53] The customer is learning and growing faster than the seller. The buyer doesn’t need the seller for info — they are drowning in it. We must provide value!

[19:43] Regardless of any training your company provides or fails to provide, you have responsibility for your success, and there are resources available all around you.

[21:03] It’s the top people who invest in themselves, and take responsibility for their individual development. 

[21:40] Your prospect really is in a less-than-optimal situation. You can help them. If your motivation is to help the customer win, you’re going to win. Prospect using all means necessary to get in front of them!

[25:38] Phone and email outreach methods are still valuable. Ignore the charlatans who tell you prospecting and the phone are dead.

2.  Sales Guru Video Roundtable Discussion on Increasing Sales Management Effectiveness (intended for sales managers)
Three of my favorite sales guru buddies and I sat down with Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and CEO of Selling Power, to tackle a range of topics from technology’s effect on selling to how sales managers spend/waste their time. In this 10-minute excerpt (click the image) we all offer powerful perspectives on high-value sales management activity and challenge sales leaders to actually lead their teams! The whole video is sales management gold, but my part starts at the 4:25 mark if you’re in a hurry.
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I’ll be back to you soon with an invitation to join three sales guru buddies and me for the 2017 Virtual Sales Kickoff (for free). Until then, enjoy the big game!

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