Are You the Hero or the Hero-Maker of Your Sales Team?

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In this new episode Mike confronts sales leaders with this very straightforward question:

Are you the hero of your sales team or are you the hero-maker?

While the question is simple, its answer has enormous implications.

This topic is one of the most prevalent sales leadership issues today – one that not only damages culture, diminishes results, and derails careers, but it’s also a reason so many sales leaders are maxed out and exhausted.

Prepare to be challenged as Mike doesn’t pull punches walking listeners through this four-part outline:

  1. WHY:  the common reasons sales leaders tend to play the hero
  2. HOW/WHERE/WHEN hero-mode manifests itself 
  3. WHAT:   the awful consequences that result when leaders default to playing hero instead of making heroes
  4. HELP:   simple fixes to help us refocus on leading and coaching instead of “doing”

During the episode Mike offers listeners this short, free Sales Leader: Hero or Hero-Maker? Self-Assessment. Get your copy here.

Salespeople: If you feel like your sales manager is more focused on telling you what to do, doing your job for you, or getting the credit for your sales than he/she is interested in helping you become the best salesperson you can be, this episode is for you. 

Sales Managers: If you’re exhausted from attempting to do seven people’s job or you’re frustrated that your current approach to sales management is neither scalable nor sustainable, please take 30 minutes during your next drive, walk, or workout, to put down your guard and identify the areas where you tend to play the hero instead making heroes of your people.

Sales Executives: If you’re affirming your sales managers who constantly “save the day” (or the deal) by playing sales team hero, this episode may be an important wake-up call that more damage is being done to your culture, talent-retention, and long-term results than you realize.

[*Note from Mike: Credit to Liz Wiseman and her brilliant book, Multipliers, for inspiring my thinking on this topic; it was her push for leaders to ask themselves if they were the genius on their teams or focused on making geniuses of their people that led me to challenge sales leaders about playing hero vs. hero-maker.]

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